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Help needed *message for all RM fans*

Hey! guys can any one of you give me the address of the club i mean mailing address?

please dont say no.

Thank you,

If you are a rafa fan, please please dont read it. As, I will delete your commment. I am not in mood to read any critism on my post.
It is my journal, I can write whatever I want, whatever.  This is a very very angry rant.

and yeah, I dont know how to use LJ cut, so please dont bother telling me what to do.

See, rafa how petty you are. You are a petty FEW.  Learn something. You are a manager of Liverpool football club which has a history. And that history in no way gives an example where a player is ill-treated in such a manner by their own manager.

Yeah, make them work hard, criticize their game, but to publicly undermine a player in front of media, fans is a biggest symbol of pettiness.

What did Xabi do to ya, eh? Why are you so bitter towards him? yeah, yeah your supporters will say that rafa is same to all players but I will agree to disagree on this matter. No, you are not. You treated xabi very very bad. You undermined him in a supporters' meeting. Is that how a manager treats his players?

And see when you are in need, he openly supports you. And dont you think it is weird that the club has not yet given any official thank you or good bye or any sort of message to Xabi? Being the manager of such a great club, dont you think the great club should do the tradition. or did you even forget the tradition.

If you want to remove xabi from liverpool history then let us even remove Istanbul, no? because withour him Istanbul was not possible!

and for you Xabi, can you let your hair down? you dont have to be so perfect all the time. It smells fishy! yeah it does. As, all bad has something good  and all good has something bad. That bad rafa has some good traits and you good xabi also have some bad in you. Sometimes show it habibi. Say that you hate that FEW.

And as for stevie, please dont come up with 'there was nothing I could do'. Ok, if there was nothing you could do then why oh! why did you gave that interview last summer. You knew very well and very well that xabi had to leave to fund the barry move. But still, 'Oh! barry will make liverpool better club', and blah blah bleh bleh blue blue!!!!

So, now all your 'it was personally a massive blow to me' , ' I am devastated' sounds very very hollow to me. Whatever you could do, you already did with that interview. Hope, atleast you supported xabi this time around as ' At the end, you dont remember the words of your enemy but the silence of your friends'. Here hoping you two are still friends.

End of rant.

1-1 again. But thank god for lpool. now it feels like "normal service resumed". As, this season we were either winning or loosing. I feel great to draw a game.

Last season drawing a game made me sad, this time around this draw has made me the happiest person on this earth, can I say that?

Race against Time!!!

Azezah VS Time, lets see who'll win the race.
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Aug. 28th, 2008


Have just watched mummy III, great movie with kungfu scenes. -I think chabby also watched that movie and became a great fan of kungfu. But, chabby you are a footballer not a kungfu master.